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I love stuffing and this is my favorite recipe. I have taken a family recipe and made it my own by
adding sausage, cashews and a variation of spices. My grandmother  was a fantastic cook. She
never followed a recipe and I don’t remember her ever having a cookbook.  She learned to cook
from her mother and measurements were foreign to her . . . she measured by handfuls, a dash of
this, dash of that . . just good old-fashioned, country cooking. And most of her life she cooked on a
coal stove and you sure couldn’t regulate the temperature on those. Granny raised and cooked for
a family of nine. After her children were gone she still cooked fantastic Sunday dinners for all us
grandkids, grandpa, along with grown-up family, friends,  and neighbors that would drop by.

Like my grandma, I don’t measure when I make stuffing. I could never be the cook she was, but
over the years I’ve learned to judge amount(s) to add based on consistency, smell and taste.
However I have added approximate measurements to this stuffing recipe.

I prefer to cook dressing inside the turkey or chicken. The stuffing absorbs the turkey juices, it’s
never dry and the taste can’t be beat. If you prefer to bake your stuffing or dressing separate, I
would suggest basting with some of the turkey juices or chicken broth as it bakes.

This recipe makes enough stuffing for a large bird, inside or outside the turkey.
1        9.25 oz can Planters lightly salted Cashews
1/4     cup parsley flakes
1        roll (16 oz) regular pork sausage  (optional, sausage with sage)
4        tablespoons butter or margarine
4        cups chopped celery (I add the leaves)
2        large to medium-size onions, chopped
1        teaspoon Thyme (I prefer McCormick)
1        teaspoon rubbed Sage (McCormick, adjust according to taste)
1        teaspoon Savory (McCormick)
3        14 oz cans chicken broth (home-made chicken stock is best)
salt and pepper, to taste   

Prepare cornbread the day before, crumble into pieces when ready to
prepare stuffing.

Combine croutons, cornbread, cashews and parsley in a large mixing
bowl, stir to combine then set aside.

Cook sausage, chopping into small pieces while cooking, drain and
add to stuffing.

Add butter or margarine to large pan. Add celery and leaves, onion
cook until tender - do not drain.  Add chicken stock or canned broth,
sage, thyme and savory.

Pour broth and seasonings into dry stuffing mix. Stir to combine using
a large spatula. Stuffing should not be too wet, but should cling
together and stick to spatula. If stuffing is too dry, add additional stock
or chicken broth.

Stuff turkey and place in roasting pan.

Cook stuffed turkey in preheated 325 degree oven until done. Turkey
should register 165 degrees on meat thermometer when done.

Baked Dressing:
If baking separately, grease a large baking pan with margarine or
butter. Loosely add dressing. Bake at 325 degrees until done (about
45 minutes).  Keep dressing moist during baking by basting two to
three times with turkey juices or chicken broth.  

Crock Pot Dressing:                                                                         
Another method, which I haven’t tried, would be to cook in a crock pot.
The dressing should be moist and close to being cooked inside the
turkey. I would add extra turkey juices or broth once or twice while
cooking. If anyone tries the crock pot method, I’d love to receive your